Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Travelogue: Days 2 and 3

So............let's see...........on Friday we went to Seal Beach. It was a beach I had found on the WWW before we left. It's in a quaint little town and has some cute little shops and stuff. The beach was lovely, but it was super windy so it was hard to lay out on the sand because well, sand would blow in your face. And I didn't like that. Plus the wind made it a little cold, so I had my jacket on and didn't get a chance to tan. Oh wells. It was really fun walking on the shore, though, and there were a bunch of kite surfers doing their thing, which was really fun to watch. Andie had the really great idea of buying a big ball to play with on the beach, but anytime we let go of it or didn't have it tightly wedged between 3 beach bags it would go flying away and Andie had to sprint as fast as she could across the sand until she finally caught it and brought it back. It was good times. She also had fun doing some tumbling moves in the sand. We went to a few shops, but didn't buy anything. Then we got some smoothies from a 50 year old hippie/surfer guy who was obviously living in the moment pretty much always. He was funny, but you had to wonder how he long can keep his smoothie shop running. That makey outey couple in the background was pretty annoying, I must say.

Saturday we decided we needed to go to Hollywood or we were never going to find a sleb! Maggie was being poopy about getting us there and was demanding an address. So we kind of made something up that she finally bought and it actually worked pretty well. We ended up about 4 blocks from the Kodiak Theatre, so not too shabby. We decided to take a tour so we payed a bumload (with a Mother's Day discount, no less!) and got in the van with the top chopped off and the african tour guide with the thick accent ('that is WHOSE house? What?') and had our 2 hour tour of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Bel Air. It was actually really fun. We hadn't seen any stinking movie stars after an hour and a half. We knew we'd prob passed plenty of famous people in their expensive cars, but the black-tinted windows were not really conducive to star sightings. Do you think that's why they do that? I don't know. Anyway, finally on a narrow street in Beverly Hills we saw up ahead a cool classic convertible that looked different from most of the dark colored BMWs and AUDIs and Mercedes. Maddie and I both noticed it, but didn't say anything. Sure enough, the car passes us and it's driven by none other than the GOVERNATOR! So exciting! We looked up his car when we got home and it was this one! He looked just like this, except he was alone and didn't have sunglasses on:

That made our day. It ended up being the only sleb we saw the whole trip but at least we didn't go home empty handed.

Speaking of hands...I knew we would be flying home that day so I wore long sleeves and long pants so I wouldn't be cold on the plane. After hours of driving around in an open-top car, well, at least my HANDS got a pretty good tan.

Of the stars' homes, this was our favorite. Can you guess who first owned this house?:

That's right. Dr. Suess! Isn't it the cutest?

After the tour we had to book it to the airport. We had eaten the yogurt we had in our hotel fridge for breakfast and nothing else the whole day. We didn't want to be late so we didn't stop to eat on the way to the airport. We decided we'd get something there, once we were settled. Bad idea. They had one little 'shop' that had magazines, candy, and like, Advil or something. The most nutritious and filling things they had to eat were muffins. So we had muffins. And we were two hours early! And there were like 12 people in the whole airport! We really could have used Bob there to make food more of a priority. But whatever. We had a great time and we LOVED our girl trip!


erin noelle said...

LOVE IT!! People tell me California is pretty rockin, but I don't know.

Melanie said...

Awesome girls trip! How could it not have been a blast with you there. The food would have been an issue for me though.

Suzanne Reese said...

Great report. So glad you got to do all those Cali things with your girls. About Mags...I hate to trump her. But my Bruce has this awesome British accent and he says things like, "Proceed right...to the motorway." I just loooove proceeding to the motorway. =)

Taffy said...

Who are those two grownup beautiful girls with you??