Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Travelogue: Day 1

We had SO MUCH fun on our girl trip to sunny California! I'd like to tell you about it if you have a sec.

We left after school on Wednesday and flew into the Long Beach airport. Pro: it's small and you couldn't possibly get lost there since it's about as big one floor of my house. Con: zero chance of seeing any celebs, which was one of our stated objectives, maybe even our only stated objective.

We got our rental car, a cute little Mazda3 sedan, which I LOVED. Becky had insisted we take her GPS with us and why I haven't had one for the last [ever since they were invented] years, I may never know. But our little friend Maggie (that's what we named her) SAVED OUR LIVES! Well, fine, obviously she didn't SAVE our LIVES, but it felt like it. We never once had to worry about how to get somewhere. Mags is the BOMB! You do have to be very specific with the little Magster or she will act all 'I have no idea what you're talking about,' but if you can give her a legitimate address she WILL get you there. Pretty much effortlessly. Our fave was when she would say, "Remain on current road in...2 miles." Or even better, "Right turn in point 5 miles, followed by a remain on current road in...2 miles." Did that mean we could go wherever as long as we're back on the current road in 2 miles? We don't know, that's just Maggie. She's a jokester, but she'll always get you to your destination. I love the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction you feel when Maggie says, "You have arrived."

On Thursday we went to Disneyland. We had a great day even though our feet were killing by lunch time. We didn't put a lot of thought into the whole shoe thing. I know, a-duh. We were scoping for slebs the whole day and...nothin. But we did have a total blast riding rides and stuff. All in all it was a fabulous day.

I wish you could see all your ride pictures at the end of the day and then decide which one you want. I kept thinking the next one might be better and I'm not buying more than one of these things. Of course as it turned out the last one of the day was terrible and you couldn't even see Maddie's face at all, so we got none. Except for the one we took a picture of (Space Mountain):
And the self-shot we took just as we headed into the first tunnel:

Space Mountain tied for second place as our fave ride. The Tower of Terror (which must always be said in a spooky voice) was the other second place finisher. California Screamin' won top prize. I especially loved how smooth it was and how it had speakers in the safety bar right next to your ears and they played the perfect roller-coaster music while you roller-coasted. It made me want to take my iPod on roller-coasters from now on because it so enhances the experience.

Okay, I sort of made the girls come with me to this and, as I predicted, ended up apologizing for wasting 17 minutes of their Disneytime. But how could we NOT?:

One thing that was obvious was that Bob wasn't there. And it was obvious because not once the whole trip did we have good food. None of us cared, which is prob why, but still, we noticed. Here is what we grabbed for lunch at California Adventure. We looked and felt like a pack of wolves and I'm not sure I'll ever eat a turkey leg again:

We also had Limeade. They were out of Lemonade and when we asked if the Limeade was good the lady said the closest she could describe it was that it tasted like a margarita. I looked at Maddie and said, "It tastes like a margarita." She said, "Well, in that case..." And so we bought it and had a little laugh. We will always call Limeade a margarita now, but prob will never embibe one again. Nor will we ever be tempted to try a margarita. *sourface*

Obligatory Main Street picture:

Our hotel was close enough for us to walk to D-land, and from our balcony we watched the Disney fireworks on Friday, so that was cool:

Also, we didn't know Collin had a flower shop:
Well, there you have it. Day 1.


Si said...

Oh My. The chicken leg made me LOL. Ser. I mean turkey leg. It actually looked like a ostrich leg, it was So HUGE. You girls are funny. Good thing Bob and I were not there.
I laughted too about you seeing a sleb. Love that.
Word verif: dences - as in dences with wolves.

Suzanne Reese said...

Oh the turkey leg!!! That so has to be our new d'land tradition! BUT I have to tell you about a trip we took years back. I don't remember why, but Daniel was waiting outside a ride for us. It was probably something totally uncool like Winnie the Pooh, I don't know. But anyway, he was being his cool self waiting outside the ride by himself and some dude comes up to him and asks if he'll take a picture of him with his kids. So Dan takes his camera and snaps the shot and hands it back. Then some other guy comes up to him and says, "You know that was Jason Priestley, right?" And Dan was like, "Uh, who's Jason Priestley?" This was back in the huge hey dey of 90210, which obviously wasn't watched at our house. But Daniel became our honorary celeb hunter. The trick, apparently, is stand around by yourself looking like you couldn't care less about anything, and then THEY'LL FIND YOU!!! Love you! Wish I could have been there!!!