Friday, July 16, 2010

Word of the Day: Chillaxin'

Random title, I know. It's because this is a random post.

Random thoughts:

You guys! I just rode 20 miles on my bike! I know, riDONKulous. The most I've ever ridden is 12 miles. And that was a year ago!!! Owie.

This summer has not been the lazy kind of summer that I so enjoy. I'm kinda bummed. I mean, chillaxin' is usually the theme, but this year not so much. More like what's the next thing we have to get ready for? Not my favorite theme.

Ah, but next week is Powell week. There will be some serious chillaxin' at Powell. Love, love, love it!

Why did everyone decide to get married this month? Everyone.

Whenever I sit down to clean my computer desk I just get on the computer instead. Like now.

My kids are supposed to BE UP by 9:30 every day. Hasn't happened once.

Which reminds me--I gotsta go wake up the bums.

Hope your summer has been more chillaxed than mine has!