Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011

What! Don't get all, "Holy cow! Kimi wrote something," on me. Just go with it.

So, I guess a couple of things have happened since I last posted. You know, Collin's broken jaw, the stolen minivan, the trip to Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo and stuff.

But forget that boring stuff. Let's talk about my Christmas presents! Er, I mean our family's Christmas!

First of all, it's strange and lovely sitting here in a very quiet and virtually abandoned house. Quiet, but for the sweet sounds of laundry and cello music. I don't know why the cello music, but I like it right now. Prob for about 10 more minutes and then I'm gonna be all, "Let me out of this CELLO CONCERT already!" But for now it's kinda...okay now it's totes bugging the corn dogs out of me! I shouldn't have mentioned it.

Okay. Now it's just the laundry. Later I will be making efforts to put Christmas away. Flylady says I only have to do 15 minutes at a time and I'll have it done by Friday. I have an idea Flylady: Let's do it for 90 minutes at a time and have it done by this afternoon.

Can I talk about my presents yet? Fine, I tell you what other people got, so as to seem less self-centered. Collin went berzerko over his new cello (and yes, that has something to do with my music choice earlier). Maddie loves her new phone. Andie had a room makeover and it's actually clean, which is really a gift to the whole family and also many of her friends. Christian loved everything he got. He's pretty easy since he always wants everything. I actually got Bob good stuff this year, which is very difficult for me for two main reasons. 1. He is, as you know, an incurable shop-o-holic and always has everything he wants (hmm...are Bob and Christian related? The only difference right now is that Christian doesn't have any money and Bob does). 2. I'm not usually creative enough to get around what he already has and figure out what he didn't know he wanted. But this year I didn't do too shabby: A calendar made from gorgeous pictures from Fiji that Tanner took, with all the birthdays of extended family and friends printed in it; a multi-picture frame already loaded with pics for his office; and the power-washer that he almost got for his birthday, but couldn't decide between it and a leaf-blower and ended up getting nothing. So everybody is happy and we had a great Christmas.

As for me! It was slightly anticlimactic opening the video camera that I knew we weren't keeping because we found a better one online the day before, but I'm pretty stinking excited for the one that's on its way. However, I was completely blindsided by the absolutely unexpected gift of ...(dun dun duuuun)...a KINDLE! Ahhhh!!!! So exciting!!!!

As with pretty much every new electronic gadget I get, I'm head over heels for my little e-reader. My Keemdle, as I immediately named it. I love how comfy it is to hold and read. No holding pages open, no cramping thumb, no bookmarks! Here's my favorite part: the Kindle app for the iPhone! The other day I arrived early for an appointment. "Oh no," I would normally say, "How could I have forgotten to bring a book? Whatever shall I do for 20 minutes?" Instead, I went to my Kindle app which told me where I had left off reading in the Keemdle, and asked if I wanted to go to that location and continue reading on the iPhone. Heck yes I do.

But of course my very favorite gift was a 90 minute phone call with my favorite missionary. You can't beat it. You could have a better connection without a vexing delay which caused us to talk over each other, but you still can't beat it. He sounded so great! The best part for me is to hear him laugh. He has such a great laugh! Especially as a missionary he is, well, not serious necessarily, but just very sincere and calm. So it was fun to get him laughing. Other than that, it's hard to describe what that phone call means, unless you've had that call before. It's pretty great.

Well, I can see that not only is this post BORING, but it's LONG! A goal I have for this year is to post more often, so hopefully I won't be so long-winded when I get around to it.

Happy New Year!


rip said...

This comment is full of envy.I am envious of you actually DOING your laundry, and your fun new gadget, but most of all, I am envious you got to speak to your missionary for NINETY minutes! Lucky!

But your right, the best gift on Christmas was that conversation with my son.

Happy New Year!

Melwel said...

Ahhhhh. SHe's back. You are a fun, amazing writer. Get your talent out from under that bushel!

word verification: balls......I'm just sayin'

Misty said...

I agree with you - forget FlyLady. All of my Christmas is sitting all over my living room floor so I'm clearly not following either of your plans.

Reading about your Keemdle makes me realize that I need to affectionately name my e-reader...
I'm addicted, too. I took a stack of books that I hadn't read back to Costco and am happy that my bookshelf is a little less full.

verword - flonsyc. I'm thinking a sicknast piece of flan.... ??

erin noelle said...

YEAH!!!!! Dude, morph your two blogs. What songs have you liked best on my mix cds?

Melanie said...

I won't be all oh my gosh Kimi posted, but I was like that.

Taffy said...

Love how you renamed your kindle. Garth got an Ipad and I would ask,"are you bringing your pad?" (You're laughing right now, aren't you Kimi).
And he said it's not a maxi pad and I said than let's name it maxi and he was all like gross and I said how about Maxine and he said it's not a girl I think I'll name it Max.
End of story.

Suzanne Reese said...

Oh my gosh Kimi wrote! I know I wasn't supposed to, but you have no idea how I've waited. I would be envious of the Keemdle, but I've decided there is no longer time in my life for little things like reading, therefore I won't want one. I just won't. And Taffy - hah! How can you top that?