Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We Go Through Cars Like DIAPERS Around Here!

The good: No one was hurt. It wasn't her fault. She was wearing her seatbelt. It's a good lesson to learn early that you CAN get in an accident even if you're a good driver, so you always have to be careful.

The bad: Maddie got in an accident when a guy pulled out right in front of her after being waved out by someone across the intersection. He fully admitted to (and profusely apologized for) not checking to see if it really was clear, which it wasn't. We still don't know if it's totaled or not.

The ugly: Before I left the house that afternoon I had the thought that I should take my coat. I reasoned that I was just driving carpool and would be in my warm car the whole time. A picture flashed in my mind of getting a flat tire or something and having to stand out in the bitter cold. Nah...won't happen. On the way back from carpooling Andie needed me to stop at a store to get something she needed for school the next day. Andie and her friend stayed in the car because they only had their tumbling clothes on. As I walked into the store I thought I should go back and get my phone, but I knew the girls were playing on it and I wouldn't be very long. A picture flashed in my mind of getting an emergency phone call where I was needed immediately. Nah...won't happen. As I was checking out Andie and her friend came running up to me, "Maddie is on the phone! She's crying! She needs you! She just got in an accident!" Ended up standing out in the cold without a coat for 20 minutes.

Coincidence? What do you think?


erin noelle said...

Wow Kimi. Just wow.

Misty said...

So glad she's o.k.! Probably scarred for life, but ok.

Guess I shouldn't be driving carpool while in my bathrobe without any shoes on then, huh?

Melanie said...

Ahh poor Maddie. You do go through a LOT of cars. Hey at least you second thought those thoughts for a second!

Taffy said...

Accidents are no fun, especially for teens. And moms.
My friends says there are no coincidences in the gospel :)

Si said...

I'm glad Miss Maddie is alright! Too bad about the fun car.
I have the same thoughts every time I take Jake to school in my bathrobe or without shoes on. I guess listening to that little voice pays off...

Suzanne Reese said...

Oh those teary phone calls are the worst. They seem to come with the territory of young people (I was going to say teenagers, but they don't stop there, darn it.) Glad she's okay.

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