Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An Explanation

Ya'll want me to keep posting. I want to, too. But I've been perplexed about what my blog is all about (my other blog) so I haven't been able to bring myself to post for a while. I finally decided to make a new blog. A normal, family goings-on and regular posty stuff blog. My other blog will still be for essays and the documentation of embarrassing moments, etc. I'm so happy about this solution! It's perfect.

So, here goes...

What are we up to right now? Obviously we have missionary preparations first and foremost on the to-do list. Getting him ready, plus the house for the farewell partay, plus the food for the farewell partay. Then two weeks after that...Christmas! So, we're pretty busy right now. But since we got a lot of the house stuff done before our giant Thanksgiving partay, it should be doable. I hope. Aren't we just partay animals?

On this blog there will be more PICTURES! So here are some from Thanksgiving:

World's largest 3-layer jello salad. Had to be carried by 2 people, it was so heavy! Don't mind my parasitic twin there. They said it could be surgically removed, but I'm learning to kinda like it.

Awesome nephews Timo and Josh with their awesome mom Jackie. So cute!

Awesome niece Mary, her awesome brother Caleb, and their mom slash my BFF Becky literally MASHING the potatoes by hand. And apparently with their eyes closed. How do they DO that? Never seen so many potatoes since prison!

Awesome niece Alyssa and her BF Peter talking to my Bro-in-law Doug.

Grandpa Farley, awesome nephew Jed, Jed's mom Denise lookin' all teenagey, awesome niece Elizabeth, Elizabeth's twin bro slash my awesome nephew and trampoline acrobat extraordinaire, Steven.

Awesome niece Elizabeth and her super-cute BF Jon.

You can notice the paint job in all these pics if you want. Bob worked his bum off into the wee hours of many mornings and it looks SO GOOD!! He also cooked 2 turkeys, one smoked, one roasted, both brined, a big ol' ham, tasty stuffing, and delish gravy for 47 peeps! Thanks Bob!


Becky said...

What did you call me? A spaztic twin?! Hey, I am NOT a SPAZ, I only play one on TV and at thanksgiving time!

p.s. I really like the new blog!

Kimi said...

Parasitic. Look it up. ;-)

erin noelle said...

Seriously big tub o jello

Carisa said...

I kinda like the parasitic twin look, and I'm glad your learning to like it too. lol